Why was Fresh Break created?

Fresh Break is a restaurant born of a simple concept. The easiest way to improve eating habits is by having access to delicious healthy food options. The convergence of culinary craft and Organic ingredients is the gateway for better health, and a better world.

Fresh Break will be the first usda certified fast casual restaurant in Florida.

By certifying our restaurant as Organic (as opposed to just using certain Organic ingredients on our menu) we are making a statement on the need for food operations to overlook the integrity of their purveyors and processes. Thus, we will create an environment that is less damaging to our health and our planet´s, and more conducive toward well-being and harmony.




My passion for great food has taken me to develop great recipes and create extraordinary flavors. Growing up in Mexico, family meals were true productions. My family prided itself on the effort placed in each culinary confection, where Latin, Middle Eastern and Asian influences converged in explosive combinations.

These experiences influenced my life, but so did my desire to provide my own family with healthier eating choices. Over the years, I have developed a strong commitment to a healthy lifestyle, which has become integral to my cuisine.

Thus, I made it my mission to create a wide variety of tasteful and exciting recipes made with natural ingredients. Fresh Break is the next step on this journey, as there is an urgent need for healthy and convenient meal options, especially for people at the office, and for home delivery.

This is the team of talented people that are joining me in this venture:


Founder & CEO

Moises is a prominent businessman with experience in restaurant endeavors. His passion for customer service and for promoting a healthy lifestyle, lead him to support the creation of Fresh Break, a project he strongly believes will benefit society.



Jacobo is a talented Culinary Arts student at the prestigious Mariano Moreno Culinary Institute, on his way to obtain his Chef Diploma. His fresh take on new trends and flavors, brings an invaluable element of surprise to all of our dishes.



Is a vegetarian since birth. She brings the importance of choosing organically grown food to a healthy diet.

A Psychology graduate from Mexico City, Margie believes in finding a balance between body and mind. Eating smart is a great way to improve wellness and energy. It is amazing what the right nutrition can do for us.

With a commitment to offer beneficial food, FRESH BREAK, focuses in providing the path to a healthy natural life style.


USDA Certified Organic


Tasteful recipes by our culinary genius team


Meat-free Vegetarian-pescetarian