Fresh Break Is Opening Soon in Miami

Fresh Break Is Opening Soon in Miami

Busy families and working professionals have always had trouble finding restaurants that offer scrumptious, guilt-free food to accommodate their lifestyles.

But for Brickell, Miami, that problem will soon be over.

Fresh Break is coming to town, offering everyone who works, plays and does business in Brickell and Downtown Miami an opportunity to have a chef-created, organic meal.

The restaurant was conceived by a group of foodies and entrepreneurs with one intention:

To share their love for great, good-for-you food, while motivating potential customers to eat healthy by offering delicious options such as ceviche bowls, deconstructed sushi, and seafood salads.

From the beginning, the founders of the upcoming Miami restaurant agreed to use only the highest quality USDA certified organic ingredients and wild caught seafood and fish.

“It´s easier to make healthy eating a habit when the taste of food acts as an incentive,” said Sary Tussie, founder.

All of the Fresh Break recipes share these elements:

Chef created. Created by an innovative team of chefs, our salads and sushi bowl combine eastern, oriental and Latin flavors in ways you´ve never tasted before.

Truly organic. We are setting out to follow the strict practices for organic restaurants, as described by the USDA. These procedures dictate everything from the choice of ingredients to the way food is handled in the kitchen, and even the cleaning products we will be using.

Honest. We all have the right to know what we are putting in our mouths. Every ingredient used at Fresh Break is just what the menu says it is.

Nutritious. You will not find any empty calories or toxins in our dishes. Only well-balanced combinations of grains, greens, and lean protein.

Convenient. Bowls and salads make healthy, balanced meals on-the-go. Fresh Break offers food delivery to the Downtown Miami and Brickell area. Drop by the restaurant, order by phone or online.


Located in the heart of Brickell´s financial district, the restaurant´s terrace will be overlooking the skyline at Brickell Avenue, and is at a stone throw´s distance from South Miami Avenue.

Fresh Break will occupy the first floor of the 1110 Brickell Avenue building, which used to house The Pink Company restaurant. Renovations are well under way to create a casual and hip atmosphere.

Restaurants at Brickell are known to be among the best in Miami, catering to a clientele of professionals from the adjacent bank offices, and customers who visit for business or shopping at the neighborhood´s luxury stores. Fresh Break is sure to find itself at home here.

Brickell´s fashionable residential community will also enjoy Fresh-Break´s cuisine. Food delivery for Brickell and downtown Miami will be available to make it easier for everyone to have a taste.

We´ll keep you posted on the grand opening date.

In the meantime, click here to be among the first to receive a FREE sample sushi bowl.

Sari Tussie

Sari grew up in Mexico, where family meals were true productions. Her family took pride in the effort placed in each culinary confection, where Latin, Middle Eastern and Asian influences converged. These experiences influenced her passion for creating food with exciting innovative flavors. Soon, her personal commitment to a healthy lifestyle became integral to her cuisine Fresh Break is the next step on this journey, as Sari believes there is an urgent need for healthy and convenient meal options.

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