Fresh Break: The New All-Organic Restaurant is Now Open in Miami

Fresh Break: The New All-Organic Restaurant is Now Open in Miami

Fresh Break is Miami´s newest fast-casual eatery, featuring an all-organic, chef-created menu.

The spot opened on June 21st, with a very clear mission: “We want to surprise health-conscious eaters with explosive combinations of flavors. Every recipe is unique, and made from scratch, using fresh and organic fare”, said restauranteur Moises Tussie.

Fresh Break is located in the fashionable Brickell district and is open weekdays for breakfast and lunch. It features a menu of 31 signature Kaitai Bowls, gourmet salads, rolls and wraps and Kaitai. Its flavors are inspired in Asian and Latin cuisine.

“Fresh Break is all about the combination,” said Chef Elida Villarroel, who created the menu. “We came up with an outstanding variety of dishes prepared with basic ingredients; lots of veggies, tuna, salmon, shrimp, tofu, fruits, homemade sauces and grains.”

Fresh Break´s 31 menu items are all related to each other “much like a family”, explained Villarroel. “They share a mother and a father, but the children are all different”.

Menu categories include:

• Sushi Sashimi
• Ceviche Tartare
• Vegan
• Salads
• Sea Salads
• Tempura and Panko

White rice can be substituted for brown basmati rice or quinoa.

For breakfast, the menu features:
• Cheese Scrambled Eggs
• Cheese Scrambled Eggs Wrap
• Mexican Scrambled Eggs Wrap
• Veggie Scrambled Eggs

Our eggs are organic and come from cage-free (happy!) chickens.

In addition to these items, Fresh Break offers a selection of beverages:

Hot drinks

• Herbal Teas
• Brewed Coffee
• Latte
• Cappuccino

Cold beverages

• Horchata
• Jamaica Infusion
• Orange Juice
• Sweet Leaf
• Aloe Organic

Bowl Over
We asked Chef Elida why food bowls are so popular now among foodies (Fresh Breaks offers its own version, known as the Kaitai Sushi Bowl).

“I understand the reason. Bowls bring containment to all of the ingredients; they are more personal than a plate. They allow you to mix elements so every bite is unique, and flavors melt into each other… sauces can´t run away”.


One of the defining elements of Fresh Break is its all-organic menu. We wondered if there was a difference in flavor between organic and non-organic produce.

“Absolutely,” answered Villarroel, without any hesitation. “Try an organic avocado. The flavor and texture don’t have anything to do with that of a regular avocado. The same happens with onions. In my experience, an organic onion has a softer texture and a more intense flavor. As a chef, I´d rather work with organic ingredients. It was great to be able to create an entire menu with organic ingredients for Fresh Break”.

“Fresh Break means an opportunity to share a healthy way of eating and sourcing food”, said Tussie. “For some of our customers, it could be the first step towards a balanced lifestyle. This way, we are contributing to the community and doing our part for a better world”.

The restaurant is located at 1110 Brickell Avenue, Miami (where a restaurant called Pink Company used to be), and is open Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Online and phone ordering are available from 8.00 a.m. to 3.30 p.m. with delivery service for the Downtown Miami and Brickell area.

Sharon Rapoport
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