Fresh Break Almost Ready to Open!

Fresh Break Almost Ready to Open!

We are turning into the last corner before the opening of Fresh break, Miami, and it´s been a crazy couple of months.  It takes much planning to launch a restaurant, especially since our goal is to comply with the highest standards for organic food operations.

So here we are. Our projected opening date is June 21st, and we are very excited.

The last six months have been an amazing adventure, from finding the right space, to planning the menu and designing the interior of the place.

These are some highlights of what´s transpired in the way to the opening:

Location, location, location. We are lucky to be in one of the most health-conscious states in the country, Florida. Being passionate proponents of the organic lifestyle, we realized there was a need for places that offered real organic food in a casual setting, especially in the Downtown Miami and Brickell area. People who work, study and live around here need places to eat healthy on the run. That is the reason we decided on a place right on Brickell Avenue, smack in the middle of all the action.

The renovation. The perfect space was waiting for us at 1110 Brickell Avenue, at the place that used to house the Pink Company. The location was ideal; the view from the terrace gorgeous; the neighbours, warm. However, the place needed some work. We wanted to infuse the restaurant with our values, and that means openness and honesty. So we opened up the wall that separates the kitchen from the sitting area. Customers will be able to see how the food is handled, verify that all ingredients are exactly what they are supposed to be, and attest to the cleanliness of the kitchen. We installed a brand new industrial kitchen, which is now working and ready.

The menu. Our mission was to create a wide variety of tasty and exciting recipes made from organic ingredients. We think that healthy food should be appetizing and delicious. Many people get discouraged from eating healthy because of the lack of appetizing, convenient meal options. That was not going to happen on our watch. Our chef Gabriel Tussie, in collaboration with Founder Sari, took on the challenge of creating the recipes for our signature dish, the sushi bowl, and for our gourmet salads. The results are just fantastic, and we can´t wait for the public to try them.

The layout. Figuring out a good layout for a restaurant kitchen is challenging. It has to be ergonomic and logical so that cooks can move around efficiently and safely. The organic element of the restaurant added another layer of challenge. There are many rules to follow to avoid possible contamination of organic products with nonorganic substances.  The USDA recommends placing physical barriers between bins in display areas to prevent commingling.

It helps that all of our produce is organic, and the fish and seafood fresh and wild caught (run away from anyone telling you that their fish or seafood is “organic.” There is no such thing).

The web page. It was important for us to create a site that fully conveyed what Fresh break is all about. It had to be attractive, show off our menu items, and talk about our philosophy. Since we will be offering food delivery to Downtown Miami and Brickell, the website had to work for online orders. Fortunately, we found a great company to take care of the design. Our web page is now up and running, and it´s Moreover, we also have a landing page. If you haven´t done so, please visit it to get a coupon for a FREE sushi bowl*.

As you can see, it´s been crazy.

But rather than being exhausted, we are stoked! We are very close to realizing our vision and hope to see you all at the opening. Follow us on  Facebook to get updates about our journey.

* Promotion valid for a limited time.

Moises Tussie
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