Excuses for Eating Non-Organic Food

Excuses for Eating Non-Organic Food

You´ve read it, you know it, and yet, you won´t do it. You are certain that eating organic has a ton of benefits, but when the time comes to choose what to put in your mouth, you falter.

“It is not really a matter of will. It is a matter of understanding the facts and analyzing the obstacles you set for yourself. Once you do that, it´s much easier to make the right choices”, says Moises Tussie, Manager at Fresh Break.

So here we offer these are the most common excuses for not eating organic, and their antidotes:

1.     Organic food is too expensive. This is probably the No. 1 reason cited for not eating organic. But, how do you place a monetary value on your health? Or on the stress caused to loved ones by an illness in the family? Diseases resulting from poor eating choices could be 10, 20, 30 years down the road, which really, is not such a long time.  And then, there will be the actual, quantifiable consequences of illness: medical costs, debt and loss of productivity. Now, that is expensive.

Tip: Check the price tags. Today there is more organic food available than ever before. Consumer demand has driven prices down. In some occasions, the price difference is still steep. But in other cases, the difference between organic and non-organic produce is just a few cents.

2.     My lifestyle is too busy to eat organic. Eating healthy takes some planning, just as exercising or saving money does. So why not scour Google to find organic restaurants in your area? Organic restaurants are catching up with the need for fast, nutrient packed lunches. Fresh Break, for example, offers food delivery to the Brickell and Downtown Miami area. “The delivery service is very popular, especially among professionals working in the offices nearby,” says Tussie. “They often comment on how happy they are to have come across a new healthy option for lunch.”

Tip: Pack some snacks. On busy days, bring with you some organic fruit and veggies, or a small bag of nuts.

3.     Not all organic is created equal. You are right about that one. Watch out for greenwashing. Some restaurants label themselves as organic, but only some of the ingredients in their menus are actually organic. That´s why a handful of progressive eateries have taken the extra step of obtaining a USDA organic certification. And even if they are few, it´s worth it to find them. They will appreciate your support as well.

Tip: Feel free to inquire about the organic claims made on the menus of the places you attend. Look for the USDA organic certification (to just on individual ingredients, but on the restaurant).

4.     Organic is not necessarily healthier. Scientific controversy aside, one thing is sure:  some organic processed foods and items on restaurant menus are not healthier than regular food. Why? Because they are frequently laden with sugars and other undesirable ingredients. It stands to reason that if you are eating organic for the sake of health, you should take into account the whole picture.

Tip:  Consider the nutritional value of the menu item you order at a restaurant. Does it have a nice balance of protein, grains and veggies? Is it so full of sugary stuff that it is actually a dessert, masquerading as an entrée?

5.     There´s no proof that organic is really better for you. There is so much information floating around the Internet that it is easy to get confused -or complacent. Be skeptical of what you read. While some studies have shown minimal nutritional differences between organic and conventional produce, an extensive review of 41 studies found 41 studies concluded that organic produce cahn have as much as 27% more vitamin C, 29% more magnesium and 21% more iron than conventional produce.

Tip. Be skeptical of what you read. Just the amount of pesticides used on conventional farm production is alarming. And that is reason enough not to eat organic.

At the end of the day, you know what the right choice is: for your health, for the farmers, for the planet. So, what´s your excuse?

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