Why Eating from a Plate Is Passé

Why Eating from a Plate Is Passé

Bowls are hot. Across the country, trendy eateries are serving complete meals in vessels traditionally used for soup. Restaurant-goers love them, and social media is exploding with pictures of these photogenic creations.

This is not just another fad. Need proof? According to food-industry consulting firm Technomic, a 29.7% increase has made bowls the entree category with the most growth over the last five years.

“Even if I had the option to eat off a plate, I would eat out of a bowl,” a woman told The New York Post on a recent editorial about the phenomenon.
Top reasons customers love food bowls:

Convenient: More civilized than holding food in your hand, less complicated than eating with chopsticks.

Forgiving: Bowls allow us to eat while working or multi-tasking as they minimize spillage.

Healthy: Full of fresh veggies, lean protein, and grains, all tied together by exquisite sauces, for a delicious, well-balanced meal.

Sexy: There is something about all the ingredients lying together, and getting combined in different ways on every bite, that is just sexier than those lone piles of food staring at each other from a distance on a plate.

Ubiquitous: It is not just the restaurants that are embracing the trend. Tableware makers have reported a significant increase in the sale of bowls, and lifestyle magazines are running gorgeous pictures of bowl-centered place-settings.

Portion control: The finite nature of the bowl allows for more precise measurements. It is not a place of excess, but of contained contentment.
Food industry experts have theorized that our busy lifestyle has fueled the trend, with consumers ditching the multiple course meal, and preferring to get all of their nutrients in one installment.


At Fresh Break, we had to take the trend to a new level, so we created our signature dish:

The Sushi Bowl. A deconstructed version of a classic favorite.

We use ingredients such as Ahi Tuna, Salmon and Shrimp Ceviche and Salmon Tartar, served over beds of grains and exquisite greens.

Brown rice, quinoa, herb crusted tofu, there is something for everyone: vegans, pescetarians, vegetarians, and food-lovers alike.

We also feature a very special array of gourmet salads, made with organic USDA certified ingredients. Unexpected combinations, designed to delight the senses, are the rule here. Jicama and mango, crispy tofu and spicy pineapple sauce, and classic favorites such as Ceasar´s Salad with our twist.

Also, to-die-for are our Sea Salads prepared with fresh, wild caught fish and seafood. Panko, green papaya and crusted seared rare tuna make a special appearance here.

Granted, all of our salads are served in plates, but passé or not once you try them you won´t care.

Margie Cadosch Delmar

Margie is a vegetarian from birth and a passionate proponent of the health benefits of organically grown food. A Psychology graduate from Mexico City, Margie believes in finding a balance between body and mind. Eating smart is a great way to improve wellness and energy. It is amazing what the right nutrition can do for us. With a commitment to offer beneficial food, FRESH BREAK, focuses on providing the path to a naturally healthy lifestyle.

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